Be up to date with your customers' issues.

All information about your activities with the customer are gathered in one place. Funnela contains simple and functional CRM, which is easy to use and does not require an introduce. When a customer rings, one glance is enough to know how and what to talk about.

Funnela - Kontakty
Search for contacts and any related information
Create group of your customers
Shared contacts
Attach any contacts shared inside your company
Clients data
Add your client’s details
Search contacts according to your preference
Contact list
Contact list from selected group
Side menu
Add notes, calendar events and tasks related to your customers
Activity panel
Add events associated with your customers (phones, transactions). Be up to date when they call

The main advantages of contact module

  1. complete history of customer contact - be up to date in all cases
  2. define fields in the customer's card - save any details and don’t miss anything
  3. filters and search engine - find desired information immediately
  4. attach files - add any files to client card
  5. groups - categorize your client as you prefer

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