Online CRM as a service

Online CRM systems are delivered through SaaS model (Software as a Service). This model allows to use the application without installing additional infastructure, server configuring or signing up a longterm commitment.

The main advantages of SaaS delivery’ model

SaaS delivery’ model is targeted to companies interested in ready and off-hand solutions. If you would like to focus on your core business and forget about the computer hardware and software problems - SaaS delivery’ model is tailor- made for you.

  1. immediate accessibility - without installing any software
  2. easy access - through your PC, notebook or mobile phone
  3. lower costs - no expenses on computer hardware, licenses or implementation
  4. automatic updates - no manual software actualization, always available update version
  5. automatic safety-copy - data security
  6. scalability - flexible and immediate application adapting to your company’s development

SaaS vs. traditional solution - comparison

Classic solution SaaS
duration of contract usually 1 year usually 1 month
initial investment thousands of dolars less than $100
maintenance on your own (servers, software) provided by the supplier
ease of using complicated friendly, intuitive interface
upgrade on your own provided by the supplier

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